‘The Great Canadian Moo’ is a click away

Dairy Farmers of Canada responds to consumer demand for local food sourcing with a campaign that includes social moodia.

The Dairy Farmers of Canada has launched a multimedia advertising push touting its new ’100% Canadian Milk’ brand. The aggressive campaign includes web, TV, outdoor and in-store promos to reach as many Canadians as possible.

‘[It is a] response to consumer demand for the origin of food products to be clearly identified on the package,’ Solange Heiss, assistant director of marketing and nutrition with Dairy Farmers of Canada, tells MiC. The initiative includes the redesign of The Dairy Farmers of Canada logo; the cow symbol is now on a blue drop, representing milk, and the signature is ’100% Canadian Milk.’

M2 Universal, responsible for the media buys, has TV running through mid-June of this year. In April and May, billboards created by Taxi will be featured in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa.

A viral campaign called ‘The Great Canadian Moo’ has been developed by Twist Image, and was launched at the end of March. Web banners, scroll-down advertising and Facebook spots will send consumers to TheGreatCanadianMoo.ca. The website features a countdown to June 3, 2009, when Canadian Dairy Farmers will attempt to set a record for the most ‘moos’ in a 24-hour period. By downloading the ‘moo’ button to a Facebook profile, blog or website, anyone can participate.

‘One click and consumers can be part of a unifying web event,’ Heiss tells MiC. The website is designed to inspire national pride in 100% Canadian Milk goodness.