Adcentricity partners with Impact Mobile

A combination of digital OOH and mobile marketing will drive a more powerful call-to-action message, the Canadian networks say.

Adcentricity, a Toronto-headquartered digital OOH network, today announced a partnership with Toronto-based Impact Mobile, adding a call-to-action component to the platform. With a mobile component added to OOH, advertisers can incorporate targeted promotions, votes or coupons into their campaigns.

‘It’s a really direct-response advertising environment out there. You need to be able to find and motivate people when they’re active, not just when they’re passed out on the couch,’ says Rob Gorrie, CEO of Adcentricity, which operates about 60,000 screens across 20 networks in Canada. The interaction with consumers’ cell and smartphones would also allow advertisers to aggregate a database of phone numbers that they can later reach out to, explains Gorrie. ‘While the immediacy is there it also creates a longer dialogue with the customer as well,’ he tells MiC.

Adcentricity facilitated a mobile and OOH combo campaign last year during Barack Obama’s campaign in the battleground state of Ohio. The goal was to trigger voter action by promoting constituents to engage in campaign dialogue through mobile, while the digital OOH network was able to target the desired demos of suburban women and blue-collar workers, explains Gorrie.

The additional cost of adding the wireless component to a digital OOH buy would be about $5,000 for a month-long campaign, says Gorrie.