Ontario taps Big Dreamers to trigger positivity

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce's new grassroots campaign uses UGC to portray the province as a great place to locate.

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) is launching a grassroots viral marketing campaign today to help shift the focus to the positive things happening in the province – and away from its economic difficulties.

Utilizing its network of 160 local chambers to build exposure and momentum is a cost-effective strategy for a non-profit org like the OCC, says its communications and marketing VP, Amy Terrill. The new ‘Dream Big Ontario’ campaign encourages Ontarians to upload their personal stories on why they live, work, study and invest in Ontario to a new site, created with Toronto-based Cattails Multimedia.

‘We believe having Ontarians tell their stories in their own words is probably the most effective way of getting the message out,’ Len Crispino, OCC president and CEO, tells MiC.

Paired with the website launch today, a street event is also taking place outside the Royal York Hotel in Toronto, where campaign ambassadors will be encouraging Torontonians to videotape their stories.