Mini’s 50 and still young at heart

Mini Canada drives outside traditional automotive ad lines with grocery store adbars.

Mini Canada’s celebrating the car’s 50th anniversary and reaching out to the active 24-to-49 crowd for the prime spring selling market. To play on a young-at-heart theme the campaign features headlines like, ‘Who’s your granddaddy?’ and ’50 years old and still chasing curves.’

Running from late April to late June, the campaign has a heavy OOH presence, handled by The Media Company, with billboards, transit shelter ads, superboards, resto-bar and fitness ads in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Always trying something off the beaten auto ad track, Mini will be placing ads on the dividers in checkout lines at grocery stores. ‘Whatever campaign that we do, we try to add at least one unique element,’ Ina Mundy, brand communications manager for Mini Canada, tells MiC.

The grocery store adbars will advertise the Mini with a cheeky tagline that plays off the environment, ‘Where is there a passing lane when you need one?’ The adbars will start to appear during the first week of May.

Online banners on automotive and lifestyle sites like Auto123, Autotrader, and Yahoo! will direct visitors to the Mini online configurator where they can customize their own Mini and find information on the vehicles.