Diversity Media Services hooks up with brands as survey bait

Diversity Media Services and Ipsos Reid are looking for brand partners to help new Canadians get talking about their buying habits.

Toronto-based Diversity Media Services (DMS) and Ipsos Reid are seeking branding and promotion partners in a media campaign to recruit participants for a multicultural marketing research study. The study will question the buying behaviours and cultural intricacies of first-generation Canadians from six different ethno-cultural groups.

Brands who offer prizes, samples, discounts or coupons that create incentive for respondents to complete the survey will receive sponsor logos, brand information and web addresses on all promotional materials for the duration of the campaign.

‘When newcomers come to Canada, they are trying to integrate into society,’ Frank Cristiano, director of business development at DMS tells MiC. ‘So they are really open to new products and services.’ Cristiano adds that the campaign presents an opportunity for companies to ‘get information into new Canadian hands.’

The campaign has two components: a multi-platform media buy and a community outreach program, which begins mid-June with leaflets handed out in target communities and representatives speaking in ESL classes promoting participation in the survey. The media buy begins mid-July with print, broadcast, online and OOH ads reaching over four million Canadians in the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa/Hull, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

Ads in 15 different languages will run in newspapers like Sing Tao Daily, Epoch Times and Korean Central Daily. DMS will also correlate online ads with banners, leader boards and pop-ups on the newspapers’ websites, as well as multicultural sites like Elcorreo.ca, Mybindi.com and Yahoo! international sites. TV spots will run on OMNI 1 and 2, TLN, Fairchild TV, Iran TV and Asian Television Network (ATN). All will drive participants to a website to conduct a survey either online or by telephone.

The ethno-cultural groups include East Asian, South Asian, Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, as well as black and Hispanic communities.