The New York upfronts: the CW is TV to talk about

Mindshare Canada's managing partner Lina Alles shares the goods on this year's final New York upfront presentation.

Fun, hip and a very young vibe – that’s the CW presentation at Madison Square Gardens. Loud music, flashing video and strobe lights…and all that just as we wait for the presentation to start!

The show kicked off with a video montage about CW, and then exec VP sales Rob Tuck talked about the extremely successful year. The actor who plays the machiavellian Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl then took the stage to tell us all that CW is a ‘must buy.’ Dawn Ostoff, president, entertainment told us that CW is #1 for women 18 to 34, the station that the viewers can’t stop talking about and the only station that provides culturally current, quality programming. In short, CW is ‘TV To Talk About.’

On to the new schedule:

Melrose Place, Mondays at 9 pm, yes, the remake of an old favourite – it worked for 90210.

The Beautiful Life, Wednesdays at 9 pm, a drama about the modelling industry. Mischa Barton (OC) is back as the ‘it’ girl who has been replaced by a younger ‘it’ girl.

The Vampire Diaries, Thursdays at 8 pm, a drama about two vampire brothers (one good, one bad) who battle for the heart and soul of a young woman. Based on the very popular series of YA horror novels of the same name, it already has a cult following, so it should do well.

As for midseason replacements, Parental Discretion Advised is a drama about a teenage girl who searches for her birth parents, and finds the life she always wanted. Looks good.

[Sophomore Reaper and freshman series Privileged were left off the new sked.]

The presentation ended with the stars of all the shows coming on stage and waving at everyone…and then it was over…less than an hour!

That’s it from NYC.