Pepsi pops new joy campaign

A new look and marketing strategy will be promoted on TV, OOH and online beginning mid-June, targeting pop drinkers who want to share their carbonated positivity with others.

Pepsi wants to spread joy across Canada in a new marketing strategy and re-branding effort set to unite the pop with positive thinkers. A campaign promoting the new look and logo (slimmer font, white stripe askew, solid background) and the joyful message launches mid-June on TV, OOH and online, including a Flip us Your Smile contest and microsite.

Cheryl Radisa, VP consumer marketing, PepsiCo Beverages Canada says the campaign, developed by BBDO Toronto (BBDO Montreal for Quebec) with media handled by OMD, will use a different approach to television advertising this year with a focus on big events like the Much Music Video Awards. She says there will also be a ‘big and bold’ out-of-home presence in major markets across the country, and a two-pronged digital approach will also be implemented – ‘one to drive awareness, one to drive engagement,’ she says.

The strategy behind the new message, which coincides with Pepsi’s 75 years of existence, is to target the mindset of consumers who want to make positive change, says Radisa. ‘We really see them as change agents and having a positive influence on culture. They are millenials, they are boomers – they cut across many different generations,’ Radisa tells MiC.

Consumers are encouraged through an in-store program to visit the Flip Us Your Smile microsite where they can upload pictures of their happy selves for friends and family to see and for a chance to win a Flip MinoHD Camcorder. ‘I wouldn’t say any one medium is going to work more than the other – they’re all going to work together,’ Radisa says.

‘It’s been a really exciting time for the brand. We’ve really looked at everything very differently and uniquely…and [we're] really trying to be very relevant to our new consumers,’ Radisa says.