Poll on Harper’s ‘hidden agenda’

A new poll from Friends of Canadian Broadcasting reveals Canadians stand behind the Ceeb - specifically Quebec and the Maritimes.

The majority of Canadians say the Conservative government is ‘hostile to the CBC and would like to diminish public broadcasting in Canada,’ according to a new poll from the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting.

The study, carried out by research firm Pollara on behalf of the lobby group, polled a some 3,300 adults in April about Ottawa’s attitude towards the public broadcaster and its contributions to Canadian culture.

Most (83%) say the Ceeb is ‘important in protecting Canadian identity and culture,’ and 74% believe that annual funding to the broadcaster should be increased. A slight majority (51%) believe the Harper government has a ‘hidden agenda’ that favors private broadcasters, while 62% came out against privatizing the CBC.

Not surprisingly, a breakdown of provincial attitudes shows support for CBC and its budget in the traditional strongholds of Quebec and the Maritimes. Roughly half of the Albertans polled also appear to support a funding boost to the network.

The poll also showed strong, across-the-board agreement that the Ceeb’s board of directors should be appointed through a non-political process.

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting is in the midst of a letter-writing campaign aimed at MPs following the CBC’s funding shortfall and layoffs. The Tories have been blamed by some for the network’s woes, though Heritage Minister James Moore says he is a supporter of both private broadcasting and the CBC, and has stated that the government will display ‘strong support to the industry.’

From Playback Daily