More cool ads encountered while out and about...

Intrepid urban ad spotter and strategy guy, Jonathan Paul was at it again this week and this time he snapped a pic of something that was pretty hard to miss during his lunchtime wanderings – a big red ball.

Trusty cell phone camera in hand, he captured the rotund rouge sphere while it was wedged at the bottom of a downtown Toronto building, surrounded by curious passersby-turned-paparazzi.

Art, or advertising?

The shiny, six-metre red orb is the marquee and most visible art installation for Toronto’s Luminato festival, which began on June 5 and wraps up on June 14, and was designed by New York-based artist Kurt Perschke.

Not only has the big red ball been making its way around various locations in Toronto, but it’s also travelled across the globe, acting as a temporary feature in the urban landscapes of cities like Barcelona, Sydney and Chicago.

MiC‘s city ad cam man also managed to take a pic of a Hershey chocolate truck (parked not too far from Luminato’s big red ball).

Hershey ‘chocolateers’ were enthusiastically handing out samples in Toronto’s financial district to pedestrians suffering from a severe case of sweet tooth.

Unfortunately he didn’t spot any Oompa-Loompas joining in the free giveaway. He hypothesized that it was perhaps due to a string of attacks on the little purple people at the hands of voracious Vermicious Knids.