Pepsi launches bundle of ‘Joy it Forward’ executions

A bright and bold campaign extends to media with a Dundas Square takeover, bus and train wraps, and a 60-second TV spot.

Pepsi unveiled the media yesterday for its latest marketing campaign ‘Joy it Forward,’ which includes TSAs, bus and train wraps, TV spots and a billboard takeover of Dundas Square. Rebranding the pop for its 75th birthday, Pepsi is targeting a ‘mindset’ and not a demographic, says Cheryl Radisa, VP, consumer marketing, PepsiCo Beverages Canada, in a release. The creative for the campaign was handled by BBDO Toronto (mass) and BBDO Montreal (Quebec), while media was handled by OMD.

In English Canada, a 30-second ‘Wordplay’ television spot that will air nationally is visually identical to outdoor media with bright colours and bold text. But in Quebec, a campaign unique to the province includes a 60-second ad titled ‘Evolution.’ It displays a fast sequence of historic images and video clips that highlight significant joyous moments in Quebec. Viewers are then directed online to visit

A ‘Joy Meter’ housed on microsite measures what people are doing online to spread the feeling of joy (the number of ‘bundles of joy’ born today for instance). Consumers are directed to the site through the online banner ads as well as Pepsi’s street team presence at a number of festivals and events throughout the summer.