Fido embeds Twitter feeds in its digital ads

The wireless provider is promoting its eco-friendly phone with green-related tweets.

Wireless provider Fido has launched an interactive digital campaign through San Francisco-based ad network VideoEgg to promote the Motorola MOTO w233 Renew mobile phone, an eco-friendly product made partly from plastics from recycled water bottles. The expandable ads leverage VideoEgg’s AdFrames’ interactive capability by incorporating Twitter feeds, which stream tweets containing French and English environmental keywords. Users can also log on to Twitter via the ads and tweet from inside the ads.

The strategy of the campaign was to promote Fido as a company that cares about green issues, according to Sylvie Charette, VP, marketing and communications at Rogers Wireless and Fido. ‘We were able to aggregate live tweet feeds about green issues from around the world in the online banners themselves, and associate the ‘green phone’ product with the user-generated tweets.’

The digi-ads use VideoEgg’s cost-per-engagement model, which means Fido pays for the ads based on the number of users who engage them. ‘This unique buying model ensured that media waste was minimized,’ Charette tells MiC.

‘We think that in the digital media realm, particularly if you’re a network, you have to prove performance,’ says Troy Young, CMO at VideoEgg. To ensure intentional engagement, users have to either click on or hold the cursor over AdFrames’ ads for over three seconds.

The ads started running on June 12 in English Canada and June 16 in French Canada, and run until July 12 in both markets on the VideoEgg network, which includes Facebook applications and other social media sites like Twitpic and Bebo. The creative was done by Bos, while Bos’ Scott Booth also did the media planning. MBS handled the media buy. The campaign is targeting Canadians 18 to 49.