Adcentricity launches ROI research

Research Lite offers digital OOH advertisers consumer and brand recall insight.

Whenever a new medium launches, agencies question its effectiveness, says Rob Gorrie, CEO of Toronto-based digital OOH network, Adcentricity. With a new product called Research Lite launching today, he wants to answer questions like, ”Does digital OOH work?’ ‘Are the consumer estimates accurate?’ and ‘What is the ROI on campaigns?” he says.

‘What we’re trying to do is minimize the amount of pushback that’s out there,’ Gorrie tells MiC. In partnership with Peoplecount, also Toronto-based, Adcentricity is offering advertisers insight on their campaigns through surveys and consumer data that can be compiled weeks after a launch.

Research Lite measures demographics, ad and brand awareness, recall, top of mind and purchase intent for instance, in five different packages. A ‘snapshot’ package, for instance surveys 100 people and costs $4,200 to survey the basic audience demos and ad recall. The highest stage of research is ‘acute,’ – a more comprehensive campaign that surveys 2,000 people and measures ad recall, basic audience demos and purchase intent, to the tune of $49,800.

‘From a brand perspective everyone’s looking for great insight and quick information from this, but you can’t spend $100,000 every time you’re running a campaign, especially if your campaign is only $200,000 or $300,000,’ says Gorrie. This is the first time the product has been introduced to Canada, but recently it has been used in the United States by Verizon.