City no longer stinks, celebrates Toronto Tourism

Capitalizing on the reach and immediacy of newspapers, print ads are running across Ontario with bold headlines declaring “Toronto Never Smelled So Good.”

Tourism Toronto launched a newspaper campaign yesterday celebrating the end of the strike and the beginning of an extra long summer.

Media, handled by MediaVest, includes advertisements in the Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, Kingston Whig-Standard and London Free Press that lead with the headline: ‘Toronto Never Smelled So Good.’ The ads are meant to remind Ontarians that Toronto is a great place to come during the summer – especially now that city workers, who went back to work after a strike that lasted 36 days, have cleaned up the mess on streets and makeshift landfills.

‘In this case we were working with the insight that our target has been less than motivated to book a weekend getaway to Toronto due to the challenges the city has been facing. We realized we needed to be a bit more provocative with our messaging,’ says Katie Musgrave, account supervisor at Leo Burnett, who developed the campaign. The Burnett team jumped on the idea after hearing an agreement was established, last Friday, Musgrave tells MiC.

The second and third ad meanwhile, running in the same newspapers, will motivate people to book a trip to Toronto this August. The headlines, ‘Summer coming this Fall to a city near you’ and ‘What are you doing this August 35th?’ play off the benefit of an extended summer.