Telus TV takes the bus

Telus promotes its digital TV offering with LED screens on buses.


To support the launch of Telus TV in the lower mainland, Telus has taken over the interiors and exteriors of ten Vancouver buses, including king-sized LED displays on the sides. The screens feature messages promoting the telco’s digital TV offerings that can be changed instantaneously en route via wireless Internet.

‘We’re always looking for new and innovative media to engage with consumers, so when we found out that these digital screens were launching for the first time in Canada we thought it was the perfect opportunity to launch our all-digital Telus TV message,’ says Telus director of marketing communications Rachael Mens of the new Lamar Transit Advertising offering. Telus has also wrapped the remaining bus exterior in advertising, and has also done full takeovers of the interiors.

With media planning and purchasing helmed by Media Experts, the campaign also features TV, print, online and radio components created by Taxi. The TV spots are running on Global, CTV and CBC, while print ads are running in daily newspapers as well as free commuter papers. The campaign runs until the end of September.