Mom Central delivers mommy bloggers

New Canadian offshoot of is bringing brands and mammas together.

There’s a big, vocal mommy market out there and Mom Central, a website-cum-consultancy, is working to connect it to the online ad market.

Mom Central, a new informational and social resource for mothers, features a network of columnists contributing articles on mommy issues. Of interest to brands and users alike is the site’s ‘Mom Testing Panel,’ an interactive tool which acts as both a data generating tool for advertisers and a product review sharing platform for moms.

The site is an offshoot of the US-based and landed here recently with 30,000 unique monthly visitors in its first month, mostly driven from Canadian viewership to the site’s US counterpart. Last month, about 50 designated bloggers also helped spread the word on their respective blog sites, citing Mom Cental contests, giveaways and prizes that could be won by signing up for the Mom Testing Panel.

Site advertisers in Canada get access to over 100 Mom Central bloggers and their word-spreading prowess, contest sponsorship opps and traditional placements (big-box and leaderboard).

Associated with the site is the recently-launched consultancy by the same name, which acts to facilitate agency activations with the site’s online network in Canada. Mom Central is currently in the early stages of working with Dole and Quaker to execute brand placement campaigns.

The Mom Central consultancy team will be releasing a research report, ‘Canadian Moms Digital and Social Media Report,’ in late September.