National Post relaunches its Monday edition

The A section is back with more colour, and a stronger focus on world events.

Expect to find a reformatted A section when you unfold the pages of the National Post next Monday. Following a nine-week hiatus this summer, Canwest’s daily is bringing back its Monday edition with a more colourful, two-section version beginning Sept. 14.

As Monday continues to be a slow news day, rather than biz and financial news, the new A section will focus on national and international news, commentary and opinions, as well as a streamlined Financial Post offering, which will be backing in from the last page in the first section, all with full colour presentation. Small Business, which had previously moved to Tuesdays over the summer, will return to the Monday section as well.

The second section, also in full colour, will feature an expanded sports package upfront and Arts and Life content at the back.

Following the cost-cutting measure, which went into effect on June 29, the production of the two sections is said to introduce printing and distribution efficiencies that will improve the Post‘s bottom line.