Omniture and ComScore unify metrics

The online marketing intelligence leader and web analytics giant are joining forces to build a new audience measurement system, one they say is going to make life a lot easier for media planners and publishers alike.

Tired of fiddling with online and panel-based audience measurement metrics? Online optimization software co Omniture and online measurement leader ComScore are planning to change all that. A new partnership strategy to build a global digital audience measurement system has Omniture bringing its web analytics prowess to the table, and ComScore its new Media Metrix 360 hybrid audience measurement. Together they plan to blend the two methodologies most often used to measure the impact of digital advertising – web analytics and panel-based audience measurement – into a single automated service, one that provides advertisers with more extensive media reach data and enables them to optimize their media planning accordingly.

The combined offering gives publishers and advertisers a common currency to measure the value of online audiences across various digital channels and a way to automate data integration, ultimately reducing the steps needed to deliver unified audience measurement and providing more consistent and comprehensive standard metrics.

‘With this relationship, Omniture and ComScore will enable publishers who have rich, highly targeted audience segments to reliably demonstrate their value to advertisers and also help advertisers find these attractive consumer segments,’ notes Omniture CEO and co-founder Josh James in a recent release.

Using Omniture Genesis integration technology, joint Omniture and ComScore customers can use Omniture tags to collect and share info with Media Metrix 360, bypassing the normal implementation process for ComScore’s recently launched ‘panel-centric hybrid’ digital measurement solution.

‘Publishers have always relied on both site analytics and audience measurement data for understanding the performance of our web properties,’ says Torstar Digital president, in a recent release. ‘Even though the two measurement platforms are used for different purposes, the disparities between the two have been somewhat disconcerting. This effort to harmonize the two data sets and understand the source of the disparities will give everyone in the industry a better understanding of their data, and give us more confidence in the decisions we make based on these metrics.’

CanWest digital SVP and GM Graham Moysey says in the same release that the move is ‘a groundbreaking development.’

‘Having as many publishers as possible involved can only be good for the industry.’ Moysey says. ‘The ComScore-Omniture partnership eliminates the implementation burden, and will expedite the expansion of this new form of measurement.’