Audi steps into your garage

The luxury car brand is making the man's happy place a little happier with life-sized R8 V10 posters available only through the brand's website for a mere $469.99.

A garage is a man’s happy place, says Geoffrey Roche, CCO of Lowe Roche, so what better way to make him love his garage even more than to top fill it with a virtual Audi R8 V10?

This week Audi is offering visitors to its website the chance to purchase a ‘GarageArt’ poster – a life-sized photo-realistic banner, priced at $469.99, that stretches across a garage door to create the illusion of an Audi R8 V10 sitting inside.

‘It’s the ultimate bedroom poster,’ Roche tells MiC. ‘Only it’s on your garage.’ Although the poster is not directly promoted in the campaign for the Audi R8 – a luxury vehicle that launched 18 months ago – the website, which is the only place to buy the product, is promoted in the wider campaign for the car.

With media buying by MBS, the wider campaign includes print advertising, with an insert in the Globe and Mail, and OOH executions in major markets.

As of yesterday they hadn’t sold any posters, but Roche says he has a bet with his client: ‘If we sell more than 50 I win $5.’