Marcelle gets in teens’ faces with webisodes

The cosmetics brand is promoting its new acne skincare line through a series of interactive webisodes following two fictitious college students.

Marcelle Cosmetics has launched a new line of skin care products to the teen and young adult market with an interactive web video campaign.

A series of seven webisodes on, developed by Edelman Digital for the brand, focuses on the skincare trials and tribulations of two fictitious Montreal college students. Each episode is designed to have an interactive element that allows the audience to either vote on an ending, contribute a line of dialogue or suggest a plotline. The first episode went up Sept. 24 and the others will roll out weekly until Oct. 29.

Participation in the campaign is being encouraged by cash prizes: four prizes of $250 for best theme for an episode, two prizes of $500 for best lines and one prize of $3,000 for best submission of an original episode.

The goal was to launch and promote the product in a new way that really spoke to the product’s target audience of 15- to 27-year-olds, Christine Guerru, chief marketing web, online marketing manager, Groupe Marcelle, tells MiC. The campaign media buy, also handled through Edelman Digital, included spots on Vrak TV, MuchMusic and MTV. Online ads were placed via the Adconion network.

‘The brand strategy was to go where people are, and use the same language that they use, and to try and make it funny,’ says Guerru. ‘When we do product placement, it was really the least subtle way we could go about it. It was supposed to be funny, like we were laughing at ourselves.’