Pizza Hut’s WingStreet promo spices up DailyXY

Inviting readers to nominate their own Goose for every Maverick, Pizza Hut has launched a 'World's Best Wingman' promotion on the urban male-targeted site.

Like a plate of wings drenched in hot sauce, Pizza Hut WingStreet is all over this month with its integrated ‘World’s Best Wingman’ campaign.

The partnership between the YUM! Brands property and DailyXY, planned and executed by Zenith Optimedia’s Zed Digital division, features a sponsored editorial series, big box and leaderboard advertising (with creative by Toronto’s Mindblossom) and an exclusive contest for DailyXY newsletter subscribers. The ad units feature clickable zones to take viewers to the online ordering site and to a contest site featuring a trip to Las Vegas. According to ComScore, site publisher Peter Coish tells MiC, the site reported 155,000 unique visitors in July 09.

The centerpiece to the partnership is the sponsored editorial series, called Great Wingmen of History, which will appear on the site once a week until Oct. 18. Readers are invited to submit their own nominations for the world’s greatest wingmen, with the incentive of a $25 Pizza Hut WingStreet gift certificate for ideas that are featured in the site’s editorial series.

It was an idea pitched to YUM! by DailyXY, says Gah-Yee Won, account executive at Zed Digital, tells MiC, and it was a perfect fit for the WingStreet target demographic of 18- to 34-year-old urban males. YUM! wanted the branding to be targeted specifically at that audience to differentiate it from the more family-oriented Pizza Hut brands, says Won.

The promotion is part of a larger campaign, including TV, radio and direct mail, to promote the Pizza Hut WingStreet brand. The campaign’s TV and radio buys were handled by Zenith Optimedia and planned by YUM!, while all online planning and buying was handled by Zed Digital.