Ebay.ca taps Casale Media for direct sales

Casale's new rep deal comes with access to database demo stats to inform campaigns with the e-com behemoth.

Casale Media announced this week it has been appointed direct sales agent for Ebay.ca and will now be handling all ad sales for the Canadian site’s inventory.

With a comScore-reported 7.7 million unique visitors in August 2009, Ebay.ca’s ad unit inventory has huge reach in Canada. Casale is now able to develop strategic sales and sponsorship packages across all of Ebay.ca’s product channels, and can utilize the site’s keyword-search functionality to craft niche-targeted campaigns for advertisers, Julia Casale-Amorim, CMO, Casale Media tells MiC. Casale can also access Ebay’s membership database for demo statistics to ‘take an advertiser’s goals and craft something custom to their means,’ she explains.

Prior to this deal, Ebay.ca was a part of Casale’s media network but the company did not handle direct sales, says Casale-Amorim. www.ebay.ca