Cadbury challenges commuters with ‘Eyebrow Language’

Chocolatier extends its popular 'Eyebrows' campaign to commuter-focused print and OOH.

Cadbury is capitalizing on the success of its global ‘Eyebrows’ campaign with a Canadian print and OOH campaign called ‘Eyebrow Language.’

Targeting the younger end of the adult demographic, the campaign’s creative is based on the ‘Eyebrows’ TV spot, in which two kids with crazy eyebrows pose for a photo. The ‘Eyebrow Language’ creative, made exclusively for the Canadian market, features ‘brows in different shapes that readers can translate into letters and words. Depending on the medium, the message either offers the reader a chance to win a prize or, in the print ads, to participate in a stunt executed at a specific time and location. On Monday, the decoded newspaper ad invited readers, hundreds of whom showed up, to a sidewalk at College Park in Toronto, where they were to twirl, clap and yell ‘chocolate’ to win a prize.

The media buy, handled by Cossette with creative by The Hive, is focused on Toronto and Vancouver, and includes daily commuter newspapers, a billboard at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto, transit ads in both cities and an online banner buy. Launched last week, the commuter-paper ads are running three days a week for four weeks, changing each time, as are the OOH ads.

‘We really wanted to make sure this had high impact with the consumer,’ Nina Purewal, brand manager, Cadbury Dairy Milk, tells MiC. ‘This is a very engaging promotion and, as you can see as you go through the elements, once [people] have committed to the promotion and decoding the messages, they’re really committed. It’s really all about high engagement.’

The campaign has also taken over the Dairy Milk website, which opens to a secret eyebrow message and Eyebrow Language decoder overlay. The site also includes extra phrases to decode and a ringtone of the song from the ad to download. Visitors can also watch the original ‘Eyebrows’ ad that first aired in Canada Sept. 14.