CTV airs redux of ’80s hit mini-series V

The four-week remake about aliens arriving on earth comes in preparation for the full series release, planned for 2010.

With Fame, neon and shoulder pads making the cultural rounds these days, it makes sense that CTV would bring back a mini-series with some serious ’80s sci-fi appeal.

V, debuting Tuesday Nov. 3 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV, is a new series that will start as a four-week mini-series run this fall. It will likely pick up again in 2010, with dates and times to be announced, Jim Quay, spokesperson for CTV, tells MiC. No sponsors are on board for the mini-series, which will also run on ABC in the US. The series is currently being promoted on CTV with on-air spots.

The series, starring Scott Wolf (Party of Five) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost), chronicles the spooky arrival of an alien race to Earth that is hiding an evil agenda behind messages of peace and happiness. It’s based on a two-part mini-series, also called V, that aired in 1983, followed by a three-part sequel and a 19-ep TV series the following year.