Wolf Blass gets specific about quality

The Australian wine brand has launched a media campaign with location-specific creative focusing on the reliability and quality of Yellow Label wines.

You can take risks in the stock market, or bet on a Leafs win, but Wolf Blass would like to remind consumers that they don’t have to gamble on quality with their wine.

In a Toronto-based media campaign launching this week, Foster’s Wine Estates Canada is promoting its Wolf Blass Yellow Label wines via a $2 price promotion at the LCBO and a creative message focusing on its quality and reliability.

The campaign creative by Toronto’s Yield and media buy by Genesis Vizeum complement each other, as each ad’s message thematically matches its environment, Yield CD Chris Torbay told MiC. The online buy includes TheStar.com, TheWeatherNetwork.com and Olive Network.

‘That was the idea behind the media placement,’ he explained. ‘The weather? Hey, you never know. The stock market? You never know. Your local sports team, the Leafs? Well, you do know, but theoretically you never know. With Wolf Blass, you know that you’re getting a decent value, especially [with] a $2 price promotion.’

The media buy also includes elevator wraps in nine downtown, financial-district office towers – with ‘up and down’ themed creative – and price-promotion focused buys on local billboards and transit shelters, located near LCBO stores when possible. The campaign runs through the end of November.