Strollers and spray tans on MTV Canada

Two new series debut next month in simulcast with MTV in US, including Teen Mom, a dramatic spin-off of the popular reality series 16 & Pregnant.

Teen reality stars from MTV’s 16 & Pregnant are growing up – and so are their babies. New spinoff series Teen Mom follows former prego teens through the next phase of their lives as they deal with all the normal pressures like graduating high school and dating, while raising families.

Debuting Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 10 p.m. on MTV Canada, Teen Mom (8X30 min) will air simulcast with MTV in US. The show targets a 12 to 34-year-old audience and will deal with issues like adoption family support and finances. 16 & Pregnant, which wrapped earlier this year, was the top show in US with female audiences for its time slot, reaching about 31 million viewers with its season finale.

It’s a different reality for the youths living in the Jersey Shore house, where life’s problems revolve around partying, tanning and hooking up. Ironically, the show sparks more controversy than Teen Mom, as some are angry about its portrayal of Italian Americans. Jersey Shore (8×60 min) debuts Thursday, Dec. 3 at 10 p.m.

Both shows, and the Teen Mom launch special airing Dec. 2, will also air on MTV Canada is available in more than 6.4 million homes.