CBC Kids breaks the latest lost-sock bulletins

CBC Kids' award-winning new show What's Your News? features 'groundbreaking news' on kid-friendly subjects such as lost socks, big soccer kicks and, puzzlingly, traffic updates.

CBC is launching a totally different kind of news show next week – this one hosted by ants, who, like Peter Mansbridge, deliver the news standing up.

What’s Your News? debuted this week in the commercial-free CBC Kids programming block on weekday mornings at 9:30 a.m. ET. It will run after Super Why at 9 a.m., creating a kid-friendly ‘Power Hour’ that the network says is aimed at helping youngsters develop early literacy skills.

Aimed at two- to six-year-olds, What’s Your News? is a half-hour show that will feature one major breaking story and one feature story presented by a team of ants and an anteater. It was produced using a combination of live action, motion capture, CG and performed animation.

The show has already won an international award, The Japan Prize, for educational programming, Kim Wilson, head of children and youth programming, CBC, told MiC.

‘The Japan Prize is recognized as the highest award you can achieve in educational programming,’ she said. ‘This is an incredible achievement since preschool shows have rarely won the overall award, and this competition is global. It speaks to how incredibly this show celebrates news relevant to preschoolers in both an educational and entertaining way. It’s a great way to kick off the launch.’