CBC, National Post to team up on Olympic coverage

The national media outlets will collaborate on content for a new, co-branded Olympic website featuring coverage from both news crews. Promotion of the venture will also be handled by both media.

Building on their existing sports content partnership, CBC and the National Post have announced a content-sharing partnership for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

The centrepiece of the partnership will be a co-branded Olympic site called Vancouver Now, featuring content from both media outlets. It will include print and video coverage and all the usual Games goodies, like medal counts, commentary and interviews. Advertising opportunities will be an ‘integral’ part of the site, Jeff Keay, spokesperson, CBC-Radio Canada, tells MiC, adding that since the partnership was just finalized, details on ad opps are not yet available. The launch date is also pending, but Keay says the site will be live ‘soon.’

CBC is building the site in-house, and it will be supported promotionally by both companies. The National Post will promote it through its print and online properties, as will the CBC through its on-air and online properties.

‘We found we worked very well together as partners, and when the Olympics came up, we thought, is there something more we could do together? This just seemed like a natural fit,’ Jonathan Harris, VP, digital media, National Post, tells MiC.