YouTube gets friendly with Facebook

The Google-owned video site integrates new Facebook functionality into personal accounts, making it easier to track vids going viral.

YouTube is making it easier than ever to see what vids are going viral these days with new Facebook functionality built into its personal account homepages.

The site has slowly been integrating more and more social media functionality into its video pages over the past few months, including AutoShare, which allows users to link their YouTube accounts to other social nets like Twitter or Facebook, and email-account address-book search functionality to help find other friends or contacts’ YouTube accounts.

This month, the video site increased that social media function with a personal homepage feed that shows users the YouTube videos their friends are uploading to Facebook. The tool is still in beta mode, but promises to integrate social networks even further by pulling user activities even closer together. For marketers, this means an even easier way to monitor how their videos are performing outside of YouTube, where it’s difficult to track the number of viewers.

A statement on the YouTube blog last week indicated that the company envisions itself as a social media hub, where a user can base their interactions with other sites. The blog also revealed – unsurprisingly, as viral-ability is the magic of YouTube – that a good chunk of YouTube content is viewed off the site, as the stats from the company reveal: 46.2 years worth of YouTube videos are watched on Facebook every day, and five years worth of YouTube vids are viewed on MySpace.

According to Google spokesperson Wendy Bairos Rozeluk, Canadians are some of the biggest YouTube fans in the world. The percentage of the population that uses YouTube is the highest of any country in the world, and it’s the second-most popular search engine in Canada, accounting for about 20% of all searches (ComScore).