Sony gets creative with OSC sponsorship

Hoping to impart its photography and environmental responsibility specialties to a more diverse audience, Sony Canada signs on as exclusive partner of the Ontario Science Centre's Creative Science workshops.


Looking to play a role in expanding the minds of Ontario’s youth and their families, Sony Canada has signed on as exclusive sponsor of the Ontario Science Centre’s (OSC) Creative Science workshops.

The sponsorship, activated this week, is currently in name only, but will evolve to include new hands-on workshops for young people focusing on topics in which Sony has expertise, including (although not yet confirmed) digital photography and the environment. Sony branding will adorn the exhibit and will be included on digital displays promoting the workshops throughout the OSC.

The sponsorship was put together in-house by Sony Canada and the Ontario Science Centre, based on a pre-existing relationship between the two brands. Although Creative Science is an established OSC program, Sony felt that it could not only augment the existing topics – such as music and video workshops – but also put their own stamp on some new ones, Tony Smith, director of marketing communications, Sony Canada, tells MiC. It was also an opportunity to reach a younger demographic.

‘We feel that the audience that is attracted to the Science Centre is very wide, and we have a broad product category,’ he says. ‘The Ontario Science Centre is a very recognized brand in Ontario and so is Sony, so it’s a nice fit. Also, it represents a gateway to younger people learning about new and innovative ideas.’