Spotted! Daybreakers’ cafe comes to life

A promotional installation on Queen St. in Toronto brings a set from the movie to life, complete with blood on the menu.

MiC caught the latest promotional installation in the empty storefront at Queen St and McCaul in Toronto yesterday and it’s a goodie.

The location is used on and off as a movie promotional zone, most recently for the massive media campaign behind Sherlock Holmes. This time, the interior of the storefront is set up like a cafe from the new vampire movie, Daybreakers. The film, in theatres now, is based on the idea that a plague has taken over most of the human population and turned them into vampires. The few humans left are hunted for their blood, and then enslaved to the vampires to produce it.

The signage area for the storefront is hung with a banner reading ‘Capture Humans. Make a Difference Today.’ When you look through the windows, it at first looks like a regular cafe or diner with chairs, a bar and menus. But it’s the little touches that make this installation clever. If you look closer at the menu, for instance, it says ‘Now with 20% more blood!’ amongst the mochas and chai teas. And the fridge is not filled with juices or soda, but with IV bags of blood.

Now, if only Edward from Twilight was sitting at the counter…