Digital Cement’s ‘Four Things You Should Know About’

From bus-eating snakes to social messages delivered via OOH and social media, the team at Digital Cement fills us in on what's inspiring them in the mediaverse today.

To identify the work Canada’s media gurus think best exemplifies smart new media thinking, MiC regularly invites guest curators to share their thoughts on the Really Important Things That Are Happening in the mediaverse. Today, the team from direct agency Digital Cement fills MiC in on the things they find most inspiring right now.

Aquent website

Working in digital, we’re certainly aware it takes a lot of different talents to put together a website. This attention-grabbing acquisition tool from headhunting firm Aquent breaks it down nicely, using a show-and-tell approach that’s simple and effective.

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches, Sweden

This traffic-stopping art installation shows motorists on a busy highway exactly how many cars would be off the road if people took Flygbussarna to the airport instead. The corresponding website includes a CO2 calculation, further driving home the message.

Copenhagen Zoo

This city bus in Copenhagen being squeezed by a boa constrictor is definitely a head-turner. The ad literally wraps a public transit vehicle, bringing the zoo to life in a heart-stopping way.

Too many plantain chips, Nexus One

It takes a brave marketer to put a new brand in the hands of an independent artist to develop its message. Google offered a preview of the Nexus One to up-and-coming filmmaker Arin Crumley and asked him to create a video on how the device might change his life – as well as document the experience on his blog. Crumley’s initial 2:47-minute film realistically captures his angst, with the Nexus One being held up as his potential liberator.