Flamingo scores with game-specific ads on RDS

The Quebec-based poultry products company features 10-second animated vignettes during Canadiens games on RDS, with creative tied to the score.

In an innovative media move, Flamingo poultry products is making the most of this year’s Montreal Canadiens season on Quebec’s RDS with a series of 10-second animated ads with creative based on the score at the end of each period.

The Quebec-based food company worked with Montreal’s Bleublancrouge to create the campaign, with BBR handling the media buy as well.

The ads feature animated hockey players that skate onto the ice and into a box of Flamingo-brand breaded chicken products. The ‘announcer’ then makes a ‘call’ depending on what the score is going into the commercial break. For instance, if the Canadiens are trailing, he says ‘the opposition has just clipped our wings.’

The decision as to which ad is aired is made by a RDS technician, who selects the creative based on the score.

‘Flamingo breaded products can be categorized as fun food, and hockey and sports fans cannot get enough of them,’ Sonia Choquette, Flamingo brand manager, says in a release. ‘The link with RDS is a natural for us and the use of animation and humour is very appropriate.’

‘This shows how sponsorship can be fun,’ says Dominique Trudeau, VP and CD at Bleublancrouge. ‘We had a blast developing these spots, and we believe they serve the brand extremely well.’