Grassroots Advertising partners with RT7 Media

Advertisers - like Visa's recent gift card campaign - can now combine digital signage advertising with a drive-to-web printout on the receipt for a customer's purchase.

Toronto-based Grassroots Advertising has partnered with RT7 Network, an OOH media supplier that combines digital screen ads with printed call-to-action messaging on the back of receipts in fast food joints.

With more than 130 locations ready to go, RT7 Network puts sponsors on digital screens at locations like Piazza Manna, Lettieri, Mega Wraps and Quesada Mexican Grill. The customer then receives a printed coupon or contest information details with their receipt.

A recent Visa gift card giveaway contest had a redemption rate of 2.21% from the network. The industry standard redemption rate is between 0.5% to 1.1%, Michael Gillissie, VP sales and operations at Grassroots Advertising, tells MiC.

‘It’s a gateway for an ongoing relationship. When they redeem their coupon or enter a contest, it’s a way for the brand to connect with the person in an ongoing way,’ Gillissie tells MiC.

The partnership also allows brands to capture demographic information. Data captured from the Visa contest included age, gender and postal code plotting of respondents for both cardholders and non-cardholders, he adds.

In-market campaigns include Ontario Real Estate College and Aquarius Records. Each location has about 16,000 impressions per week, says Gillissie.