In the rings: CUME Day 10

The men's USA-Canada hockey game dominates Day 10, becoming the most-watched sporting event in Canadian television history, says the Consortium.

It was the most-hyped event yet in the Vancouver Olympics, and although the outcome wasn’t what Canadians were hoping it would be, the game drew record numbers for the Consortium.

The game drew an average audience of 10.6 million across all of the Consortium’s channels (CTV, V/CPAC, OMNI.1, OMNI.2, OMNI AB, OMNI BC) and 9.5 million on CTV alone. It not only beat the Opening Ceremonies numbers; the Consortium has claimed it is the most-watched sports program in Canadian television history. The game peaked at 13 million viewers and was watched at some point by almost two in three Canadians.

Thanks to the game, Olympic prime-time coverage across the channels had its biggest day yet as well, drawing an average of 6.8 million viewers. Women’s speed skating faired quite well against the hockey domination, picking up 3.58 million viewers across its channels as Canadian Kristina Groves won her second medal of the games.

The top five most-watched events of the day were:

1. Men’s hockey (CAN/USA): 10.6 million (CTV, V/CPAC, OMNI.1, OMNI.2, OMNI AB, OMNI BC)
2. Freestyle skiing, men’s ski cross: 4.2 million (CTV, Sportsnet, RDS)
3. Speed skating, ladies’ 1,500m finals: 3.6 million (CTV, Sportsnet, RDS)
4. Men’s hockey (RUS/CZE): 2.3 million (CTV, V/CPAC, TSN)
5. Women’s curling (CAN/USA): 2.2 million (CTV, V/CPAC)

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