Spotted! Oakley wraps transit – with a twist

The eyewear company takes an alternative approach to wrapping transit with a media strategy at the top of Grouse Mountain in Vancouver.

It is definitely not your typical transit wrap.

High above the city of Vancouver at ski resort Grouse Mountain, Oakley’s distinctive ‘O’ logo could be seen on a transit wrap of a most unusual type. Instead of the trains, trolleys and streetcars typically used in media strategies, the brand instead chose to wrap people movers of an entirely different kind: two mountain trams and a snowcat.

Grouse Mountain was open 24 hours a day for the duration of the Games, in a bid to attract the crowds who wanted a piece of the mountain but wouldn’t or couldn’t make the traffic-restricted commute to Whistler. Monster Energy Drink had also hoped to take advantage of the opportunity by staging a snowboarding event on the mountain that week, but was unable to do so thanks to lack of snow.

Unfortunately, the Oakley-wrapped snowcat that was to help build the snowboarding features for the Monster event stayed parked on the night MiC was there, but the two trams had high visibility thanks to the fact that everyone has to take one to get to the top of the mountain. Oakley also had several tent-trailers set up to promote its products and engage people one-on-one with the brand.

Not an official Olympic sponsor, Oakley maintained a brand presence throughout the Games via its athlete sponsorship program, which saw its product on the faces of many of the Games athletes. It also ran ads on the Skytrain Canada line going to and from the airport.