Kids rise above Mosque

The sketch comedy troupe's Death Comes to Town finishes ahead of the Regina-based sitcom.

The Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town saw its eight-episode run come to a modest end on Tuesday, but still managed to finish ahead of aging comedy Little Mosque on the Prairie, which continued to shed viewers on CBC.

The latest from the sketch comedy troupe averaged just under 400,000 viewers for its finale on Tuesday at 9 p.m., yet delivered an average of 645,000 per episode over the course of its run, thanks to a strong start of one million viewers back in January. Death Comes to Town premiered before any of the US shows had returned. (All numbers 2+.)

The mini faced stronger competition upon the return of American Idol on CTV and opposite NCIS: Los Angeles on Global.

‘We’re happy with Death Comes to Town,’ CBC spokesperson Jeff Keay says, adding ‘With the Kids’ eccentric and undeniably edgy style comedy, we know it’s a bit of a niche, but those who love them really love them.’

Mosque had a slightly higher 406,000 viewers tune in for its finale, but wrapped its fourth season behind the Kids with 541,000 viewers. By comparison, the Regina-based sitcom averaged around 600,000 for its third season. Mosque aired opposite Global juggernaut House and CTV comedy Dan for Mayor.

Coming up, the season finales of new CBC series The Republic of Doyle and 18 to Life will air on April 7 and 12 respectively.

From Playback Daily