CHOM radio set to broadcast in 3D

The Montreal radio station continues to break sound barriers by offering its listeners an immersive sonic experience. Will ad opps in the new format follow?

Today, Astral Media radio station CHOM 97.7 announced a revolutionary breakthrough in radio technology: 3D.

The first to deploy the tech in North America, CHOM reps say that 3D radio creates an immersive sonic experience in which the songs ‘will literally jump out of your radio.’

The debut of the technology for radio follows a surge in 3D technology – and entertainment – on the market. Many media experts have said that, following the worldwide success of Avatar, it is only logical that radio stations as progressive as CHOM would soon want to bring Pearl Jam and Nickelback to fans’s ears in the same format.

The tech is relatively straightforward, an expert explains: ‘By wearing the glasses, the frequencies that limit the ability to hear in 3D are filtered out. Thus, allowing the remaining 3D frequencies to travel down the arms of the glasses, which then stimulate the three crucial bones in the auditory canal, the hammer, anvil and stirrup to experience radio in full 3D.’

While remaining coy about advertisers on board with 3D ads for the new format, CHOM 97.7 program director Daniel Tremblay said that he is ‘thrilled’ to be able to offer the new technology.

Editor’s note: Happy April Fools’ Day!