Pantene to cast reality hair model

The P&G shampoo, which undergoes a rebranding next month, calls on all tress-blessed women who want to star in a live-to-air commercial.

Pantene believes its new formula can withstand any hair torture test – whether it’s the 4 p.m. slump or a rainy day. To prove this, the Procter and Gamble brand will feature its rebranding and product in the ‘World’s First Reality Hair Star’ 60-second ad that will air live on Citytv and NBC.

The hair model featured in the ad won’t be Jennifer Aniston or any other celebrity with iconic, perfect tresses, because P&G is taking this one to the people. Women who want to be the ‘World’s First Reality Hair Star’ can make video submissions on the brand’s microsite, where friends and family can vote to help them become one of the 12 finalists flown to New York for a test shoot.

‘We’re redesigning our whole brand at the end of May, with a focus on design for four different hair structures, so we want women to put this to the test,’ says Lindsay Campbell, assistant brand manager on Pantene.

The contest, which is open to all English Canada and US residents, will be promoted through social media outreach to P&G’s beauty bloggers, through print ads in Metro newspaper launching on April 6, as well as through search engine marketing and job postings, explains Campbell. Media was handled by Toronto’s Starcom in Canada, while the creative agency for Pantene is Grey New York.

Campbell believes the reality TV ad is a game-changing step in beauty advertising. ‘Canadian women especially are very sceptical of advertising, in general, and especially in hair care,’ Campbell tells MiC. ‘This is the ultimate test for hair care, and that’s where the idea stems from,’ she adds.

The winner will be chosen in part by the number of votes, but Pantene will have the final say. The live commercial will air on May 25.