Citytv uncovers Warehouse 13

The new 'action-dramedy' on the Rogers channel features the stranger-than-fiction antics of two Secret Service agents tasked with collecting artifacts for an Area 51-style government warehouse.

For all those people whose favourite part of the latest Indiana Jones movie was the scene in the Area 51 warehouse – with the subtle reference to the Ark of the Covenant from Raiders – Citytv is dedicating a whole hour once a week to all things archaeological, supernatural and closely government guarded.

Warehouse 13 is a hour-long ‘action-dramedy’ starting April 23 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Citytv. Operating under the motto ‘snag it, bag it and tag it,’ two Secret Service agents played by Eddie McClintock (CSI, Bones) and Joanne Kelly (Vanished) are tasked with following up on reports of supernatural or paranormal activity. (We’re not sure yet if they’ll always wear really slick Armani suits while they’re doing it, but we have fond memories of another duo that did.) The stranger the situation the better, and if they find something worth keeping, into the warehouse it goes.

The show, which shoots in Toronto and has a target demo of 25 to 54, is being promoted on-air on Citytv in support of its debut this week.