Spotted! Flashing lights of McVegas

McDonald's promotes its McMini sandwiches with new, Vegas-style flashy signs installed at busy intersections in Canada's biggest cities.

McDonald’s wants to keep surprising consumers, as evidenced by this Las Vegas-style sign first installed in front of the Gardiner Museum on Queen’s Park in Toronto, and now standing at the busy intersection of College and Bay Streets. The signs are also popping up in Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal.

‘We’re trying to do new things, to consistently surprise people,’ Louis Payette, national media relations manager for McDonald’s Canada, tells MiC. ‘You saw it with the steaming coffee cup, and I think this [McMini sandwiches] product will also surprise people. Even though it’s a small sandwich, it’s got a big taste.’

Media buy for the installations, which are part of the ‘Small Things Matter‘ campaign launched earlier this month, was handled by OMD and creative was developed by Cossette. The brand has executed a number of interesting OOH installations, which Payette says work well with the QSR’s strategy of breaking up people’s routines.

‘It gets them thinking differently about our brand,’ says Payette. ‘This one was kind of wanting to be un-subtle, if you will, and nothing says that like flashy neon lights in the spirit of Las Vegas.’