Microsoft browses with confidence

The latest version of Internet Explorer is being promoted through an online and social media push from Microsoft, which is also a pledge-based donation campaign supporting the Kids' Internet Safety Alliance.



Microsoft says web surfers can protect themselves from virus threats like malware and phishing attempts with the latest version of its browser, Internet Explorer 8. At the same time, the brand is supporting an organization that protects children from threats of a different kind by donating money to the Kids’ Internet Safety Alliance (KINSA). With its new campaign, ‘Browse with Confidence,’ Microsoft is combining the messages about internet safety and security.

Microsoft is promoting IE8 through an online and social-media-based strategy, which drives consumers to the microsite and was developed by Vancouver-based Blast Radius in partnership with Wunderman Canada. It includes banner and search engine ads, as well as VideoEgg rich media banners, handled by Universal McCann. These banners will feature videos rolling out over the 10-week campaign, and will also be supported via Facebook and Youtube. Microsoft will use its internal network, including the portal, Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Hotmail properties, to promote the site. connects visitors to a Facebook page where they can pledge their support of the KINSA cause – for every new member that joins the Facebook group, a $2 donation is triggered from Internet Explorer 8 to the non-profit, Surendra Nawbatt, senior product manager, Microsoft Canada tells MiC.

‘From a social-media perspective, the integration with Facebook, via Facebook Connect, gives us access to thousands of potential supporters. The charitable tie makes a compelling reason for people to visit again and again, spreading a message of safe browsing while raising much needed funds for a worthy cause,’ he explains.