RMB to disband this summer

A new, radio-only association will form to accommodate both the functions of the Radio Marketing Bureau and those previously handled by the now-defunct Canadian Association of Broadcasters.

After almost 50 years informing the advertising community about the effectiveness of radio, the Radio Marketing Bureau (RMB) will disband this summer. A new association will rise out of the ashes however, combining the marketing duties of the RMB and the legislative lobbying functions previously handled by the Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB), says Gary Belgrave, president of the RMB.

‘I think the time for two organizations doing different functions has passed. We decided to be lean and do it so that both sides of that equation are more closely linked,’ Belgrave tells MiC.

An organization with a broader mandate will also be more cost-effective for broadcasters, because they will now pay a single fee for an organization dedicated to the specific needs of radio, he says.

Earlier this year, the divisive and public fee-for-carriage issue contributed to the breakup of the CAB. The battle between TV broadcasters and carriers also took much of the spotlight away from the other medium the CAB was meant to lobby for, says Belgrave. ‘Radio wasn’t really getting its own share of voice from the association.’

The RMB is scheduled to cease operations on Aug. 31, and the new association will take over operations at that time.