Mini virally titillates with ‘moobs’

Taxi 2 creates an online game inspired by the car company's recently aired 'Man-boobs' commercial.

Taxi 2′s done something quite titillating on behalf of Mini Canada. To build viral awareness of the Mini Convertible, it created an online game, of sorts, that’s based on bouncing moobs (more commonly known as man-boobs).

The inspiration for the game, which went live May 25, came from a 30-second spot that aired as part of the ‘Be Mini’ campaign that the Toronto-based agency developed for the carco. It features a rotund fellow whose jugs jiggle heartily following a rousing ride in his friend’s Mini convertible. With a simple mouse roll-over, the ‘Mini Titillator’ allows people the chance to bounce his man-boobs themselves.

‘We noticed a lot of attention in the blogosphere, a lot of people having fun with the spot and referencing the man-boobs, or ‘moobs,” says Lance Martin, ECD, Taxi 2. ‘So, we wanted to develop a piece that would make it even more interactive, more fun to play with and help spread the spot so more people would become aware of the Mini convertible.’

Taxi 2 sent out Mini’s little online Easter egg to various blogs it found had featured the ‘Man-boobs’ spot after it went to air in April. Players can give their friends the chance to be titillated too by sharing the game, which includes a link that allows people to actually view the spot, via Facebook, Twitter and email.