Nimby Burger tosses launch campaign

To celebrate the launch of their new burger joint, the owners of Vancouver's Nimby Burger tossed Frisbee-bound coupons to beach goers.

Nimby burgers are made by 100% real humans. That’s the assurance that the new burger joint on the block, Nimby Burger, is making to Vancouverites in its inaugural promotional campaign.

Joey Restaurant Group president Jeff Fuller was on a quest to find the ‘just-right burger.’ He knew that it was simply a matter of letting the ingredients do their work without any over-complications, but it was something he couldn’t quite find in Vancouver. For him, that was almost reason enough to open Nimby Burger in May.

With Vancouver-based Spring Advertising onboard to inject a fresh attitude into its brand design and advertising, Nimby, which stands for ‘Not-In-My-Backyard,’ unleashed its first-ever effort by first providing free sampling to Vancouver’s culinary elite at Vancouver Magazine‘s 2010 Restaurant Awards. Nimby also took advantage of the location of its first restaurant, right across the street from Kits Beach, to break through to the beach-going crowd. It introduced the world’s first ‘flying coupon’ – Frisbees that employees throw at passersby who can cash them in for free burgers, ‘if we like you.’

‘We know that a good product will create its own customer base, so our promotional activities needed to have a strongly branded sampling component,’ says Britt Innes, marketing director, Joey Restaurant Group. ‘Our instant Nimby location at the Vancouver Restaurant Awards was a perfect opportunity to get a buy-in from the city’s foodie culture.’


Ads in the mag’s awards edition and in the Vancouver Sun, like the brand’s design elements and website – which features a lineup cam – reflect, slightly, the classic heritage, traditions and appearance of the modern-day walk-up burger stand’s forbearers using cheeky language and imagery. A strong social media presence promoting Nimby’s opening was also established via Twitter and Facebook.