Marblemedia spills new series for 2011

Called Splatalot, the new teen show will be shot for three different markets and integration opps include sponsorships, naming rights and online.

What happens when you take all the obstacle-course carnage of Wipeout and give it a medieval theme? Splatalot, a new 26-ep ‘splat-stick’ comedy from Toronto-based Marblemedia.

Targeting eight to 12 year olds, the new show will be produced for three international markets via partnerships with Corus in Canada for YTV, the BBC in the UK and ABC in Australia. In each of the live-action episodes, 12 contestants will have to navigate a medieval-themed obstacle course, battling the ‘Defendors of Splatalot,’ in a quest to be crowned the prince or princess of Splatalot.

Mark Bishop, executive producer, says there are many opportunities for integration with both the broadcast version of the show and its online companion website. In Canada, opps include in-show integrations with the hosts and sponsored ‘highlight’ clips in the show, naming rights, and sponsorship of the series’ season-two national contestant search. Online opportunities include brand integrations into the online suite of games that will accompany the show, which feature tantalizing names such as Master Splatter and Splatapus.

‘We are producing three separate versions for Canada, UK and Australia, so we can also work with brands that are interested in all three countries or limit the integration to Canada,’ Bishop commented from Banff yesterday.

Splatalot is set to shoot in Toronto this summer, for broadcast in 2011. Distribution of the show will be handled by Distribution360, a new company formed by Marblemedia and Calgary’s Seven24 Films.