Videotron launches online VOD

Called Illico web, the new service for Videotron TV and internet subscribers offers pay and network TV programming and new ad opps.

As consumers increasingly look to the internet to provide what was once only available on TV, Videotron is letting them have it both ways with the launch of Illico web, an online VOD service.

Unveiled to the public today, and available only to Videotron customers that subscribe to both TV and internet, Illico web allows those customers to access 32 channels in French and English via the VOD website. Illico web is an online extension of Illico, the broadcaster’s digital TV VOD service. Astral is a primary provider of programming, announcing in tandem with Videotron today that its programming would be available on Illico, including content from channels Series+, Historia, Canal Vie, Canal D, Ztélé, MusiquePlus, MusiMax, VRAK.TV, Family Channel, Playhouse Disney, as well as shows from HBO Canada, Super Ecran, The Movie Network, and Mpix. The goal is to eventually have Illico web completely mirror Videotron’s Digital TV offering, Claude Foisy, VP, brand management and content, Videotron, tells MiC.

The online programming will be available to approximately 800,000 households in Quebec, for a total of about 1.6 million customers, Marc Labelle, GM corporate communications and spokesperson, Videotron, tells MiC. In total, Videotron has about 1.8 million households in its subscriber base.

Ad opportunities to reach those customers via Illico web include pre-roll, mid-roll and big box ad units individually, and ad pairings of pre-roll and big-box. Ad sales for the inventory will be handled by the mediaco providing the content, says Foisy, a sales strategy Quebecor is excited about, he adds.

‘It’s on our highway, but the partners remain the owners [of the content], so it’s a new way of thinking.’

Rogers Media launched a similar service for its customers in Ontario last fall, adding 100,000 registered users in six months.