South Africa vs. Uruguay top game on CBC

Switzerland's win against Spain was a surprise to many - but 144,392 people watched it online on CBC Wednesday.

A lot of people want to see this year’s FIFA World Cup hosts do well, but those hopes were shattered in Tuesday’s match against Uruguay, seen by 903,000 people, when Bafana Bafana lost 3 – nil.

Spain, the defending Euro Cup champions also lost to Switzerland on Wednesday, in a surprise match that was seen by 848,000 on CBC. It was also the most popular game online with a total 144,392 total live streams. The first game of the day, Honduras vs. Chile game attracted 514,000 fans.

Online, the South Africa vs. Uruguay match received 135,338 total live streams, while the Honduras vs. Chile game was seen by 46,755 online visitors.

Source: BBM Canada Inc., A2+ average audience, preliminary overnights.Streaming numbers: CBC Research – Omniture HBX (2009) and Omniture Site Catalyst (2010).