Nine new shows for W network

Corus Entertainment has ordered nine new series for next season, most of them reality series about home repairs and decorating. Rona has signed on as a sponsor of one of the shows, Grin and Build It!

Corus Entertainment’s W Network last week announced nine all-new series for the fall and winter schedules. All of the new programming is reality TV, co-produced by W and focused on home improvements.

Debuting this fall, All For Nothing (13 x 60) gives two sellers just two weeks to make home improvements before they have to move their real estate. At the end of the given time frame, the homeowner who increases the value of their property the most wins the commission-free listing services of an expert real-estate agent. All For Nothing is co-produced by Mountain Road Productions.

Grin and Build It! is a show about couples, based on the premise that one person is the ‘handy one’ while the other isn’t so skilled with a hammer and nails. Co-produced by Zone3 and W, Grin and Build It! (13 x 30) puts pressure on the person who is clueless about renovations to do repairs, while the other person watches off-site. The couples receive $20,000 worth of materials, and the help of an expert designer. All 13 episodes of Grin and build it! are sponsored by Rona Canada, a buy that includes product placement and integration, brandsell commercials, and billboard placements. Similar opportunities are available for All for Nothing, Candice Tells All, Sibling Rivalry, Property Brothers and Homewreckers.

Three other programs will debut this fall, Burn my Mortgage (produced by RTR Media, 13 X 30), which helps families pay off the monthly financial commitments on their homes; Come Dine with Me Canada (produced by Proper Television, 13 x 30), about amateur chefs competing to cook up the perfect dinner party; and Inside the Box with Ty Pennington (co-produced by Cineflix, 13 X 30), starring Pennington, who challenges friends or co-workers (who claim they know decor) to a design duel.

W also announced four new shows set to debut in the winter. Candice Tells All (13 X 30) brings viewers through the careful considerations a professional designer makes when attempting to transform a room. It stars Candice Olson (Divine Design) and is produced by Fusion Television.

Homewreckers is about people who are likely to ignore a leaky pipe until it turns into a disaster. Expert contractor Kristi Hansen helps homeowners target the infrastructure problems that must be fixed immediately in order to avoid disaster. Homewreckers (13 X 30) is described as a ‘survival guide’ for viewers, and it is co-produced by Fusion Television.

Property Brothers (13 x 60) stars real estate agent Drew Scott and his contractor brother Jonathan Scott, who help buyers find fixer-uppers that they can turn into their dream homes. After Drew helps a client choose the right property, the series, co-produced by Cineflix, turns the cameras to Jonathan, who begins planning the renovations while staying within budget.

Sibling Rivalry (working title) follows twins Dan and Nikki Halls as they extend their competitive nature seen in childhood into their adult lives as they flip houses for profit. Dan is an experienced builder, but his sister is a natural at the real estate game. The show (13 X 30) is co-produced by Cream Productions.