Your Fido’s a star

A new Facebook app allows Fido fans to put their own pooch on a virtual billboard.

Dog owners can trick their friends into thinking their pet is on the latest Fido billboard thanks to a new Facebook application developed by Bos.

Called Fido Star, the tool allows the brand’s fans to upload a photo of their own dog onto an image of a billboard and share the ad with their friends. The feature will be promoted solely on Facebook, explains Robert Booth, head of interactive media planning at Bos. Montreal-based Bos Media handled the media planning, while OMD did the buy.

‘It was a very small budget in terms of media, so because it was a Facebook application we wanted to keep it within Facebook,’ Booth tells MiC. That includes a targeted buy, with the aim to reach 18- to 49-year-olds whose interests include pets, he adds.

‘It’s really more about testing out social media environments with a tool that’s kind of useful and entertaining. That’s how we’re trying to position it, we’re just trying to engage pet lovers.’