Food Network Canada opens up

New show The Opener will star chef, and former Restaurant Makeover regular, David Adjey, who will follow budding restaurateurs as they set out to wow foodies.

He pulled few punches on Food Network Canada show Restaurant Makeover, helping struggling restaurant owners and their chefs boost business, and it’s unlikely things will be much different as Toronto chef David Adjey tackles the topic from the opposite end on his new show The Opener.

Premiering Aug. 31 on Food Network Canada, The Opener will follow Adjey – who is a restaurant consultant as well as a chef – as he assists entrepreneurs opening their first restaurants. Adjey will help so-called ‘wide-eyed restaurant rookies,’ who will range from frat boys to ex-nightclub promoters, run the gauntlet of management, menus, floor plans and staffing.

The show targets adults 25 to 54. Thirteen 60-minute episodes have been scheduled and there are plans for a consumer-facing campaign behind the show, although those plans are still unconfirmed, a spokesperson for the network says.

The show’s microsite is a priority for the Food Network’s online strategy for fall, MiC is told, and will feature full episodes, follow-ups on restaurants profiled and tips from Adjey himself, who will be a featured blogger.

The series is still in production and although no brand integrations are currently scheduled for the show, sponsorship opportunities are still available.